national diploma in calligraphy 

The National Diploma of Calligraphy has been designed for CLAS members who are serious students of calligraphy in the Western tradition; to provide recognition of their achievement at three separate levels. These present comprehensive study regimes which build one upon the other, increasing in depth of knowledge and breadth of practical experience, offering a sound basis from which to develop a personal working approach and a portfolio of original artworks. It is not necessary to work through all three levels; candidates should enter at the appropriate level for their experience.

The Diploma is not a training course in itself but CLAS offers various learning opportunities to support submission – LiveOnline courses, Certificates of Skills/Calligraphy and the Diploma Preparation course. A pool of Fellows and Accredited Tutors with the relevant experience can, upon request, offer advice about the work to be entered and help meet the assessment criteria.

Please see the link at the bottom of this page to access the handbooks for each of the National Diploma Levels – Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced.  These handbooks contain everything you need to know, including, relevant deadlines, what to submit for each module, how to package your work for assessment and how your work is assessed.  The handbooks also contain guidance and support.  Registration for the National Diploma must be made by 31 March in the year you intend to submit work.

For the annual assessment you may submit the modules individually, in groups, or all at once. You may also repeat a module to improve marks. If you choose modular submission, you have a maximum of 3 years to submit all modules at Foundational Level, 4 years at Intermediate, and 5 years at Advanced Level.  For all levels, modules must be completed in numerical order, starting with Module 1, as each module builds on the previous one.

For more information, please view our Frequently Asked Questions Page. If you still have any questions, please contact the Diploma Administrator.

The National Diploma is open to CLAS members only. If you are not already a member (the Diploma fees do not include membership) please click here for more information: Become a member. For modular entries, you will need to be a member as of 31st March for all years in which you submit work for assessment.

The National Diploma was revised in 2021.  If you have already submitted some modules working to the previous syllabus, you should continue working to that syllabus.  Any queries about the old syllabus should be addressed to the Diploma Administrator:


Entry Fees 


  • Assessment: £60 (all modules in one year) or Modular £90* (submission over three years).
  • Re-assessment of a module: £20
  • Return postage must be added to the fee. The parcel must not weigh above 4kg. UK £15, EU £36, all other countries £45


  • Assessment: £80 (all modules in one year) or Modular £120* (submission over four years).
  • Re-assessment of a module: £25
  • Return postage must be added to the fee. The parcel must not weigh above 4kg. UK £15, EU £36, all other countries £45


  • Assessment: £100 (all modules in one year) or Modular £150* (submission over five years).
  • Re-assessment of a module: £30
  • Return postage must be added to the fee. The parcel must not weigh above 4kg. UK £15, EU £36, all other countries £45

*For all levels, if you send your work in modules over a period of years you must pay the full fee the first year and then pay return postage each year that you send a parcel.


Diploma Administrator details:

Rebecca Osborne
1 Frys Farmhouse,
School Lane
GU29 0NY

If you have any queries on the Diploma, please email


General Information on Diploma

Withdrawal and Deferral Policy


Foundation Diploma Handbook 

Intermediate Diploma Handbook

Advanced Diploma Handbook


Enrolment Forms

(these can be emailed to the Diploma Administrator at the email above) 

Foundation Level

Intermediate Level

Advanced Level



  • Bank transfer- CAF Sort Code 40-52-40 Account 00031828
  • Cheques – pounds sterling made payable to CLAS or Calligraphy & Lettering Arts Society
  • For non UK residents PayPal 
  • Payment can also be made online using the CLAS shop



images courtesy of previous entrants to Diploma – Foundation level 

Copyright while studying for the Diploma

To use a copyright protected work you usually have to seek permission first.

While working towards the Diploma you may use copyright protected works in your studies, for example writing out quotations or referencing artworks in your essays.   Fair use is a part of copyright law that allows you to use such work without seeking permission of the copyright holder provided that it is solely for your own (non-commercial) studies and that the work you reproduce is properly acknowledged, credited and/or referenced.

CLAS may wish to display your Diploma work on our website or magazine.  In order to protect ourselves from copyright infringement, please make clear on your submissions whether they are copyright protected.

If you need more information about copyright, please check the government guidance at Intellectual property: Copyright – detailed information – GOV.UK (