The Calligraphy & Lettering Arts Society (CLAS) is the largest and most supportive western calligraphy and lettering society in the world. It is based in the United Kingdom and has an extensive membership in Europe as well as many other countries. Whether you're just starting out in the wonderful craft of calligraphy, have more experience, or at the top of the profession, there is something in CLAS for you.

A few pics to give a flavour of the 2018 AGM at the British Liubrary, London


Becoming a member of the Calligraphy and Lettering Arts Society has so many benefits. Each year you'll receive five copies of The EDGE, the twenty-four page colour magazine, which covers all aspects of calligraphy, with ideas for projects, examples of work, what's going on and lots more.

As a member you are welcome at our AGM in March at the British Library where we have the Art and the Letter Exhibition - where you might even see your work on show. There are lots of calligraphy things to buy, you can visit the exhibitions in the British Library itself, and then listen to the Cavendish Lecture which is about either historical manuscripts or contemporary calligraphy and lettering.

Then there's the annual summer six-day Calligraphy and Lettering Arts Society Festival of Calligraphy, the Calligraphy and Lettering Arts Society Regional Meetings and much more. See our Membership Package for all the benefits you get for becoming a member of CLAS.

See Membership Package for all the benefits of becoming a member of CLAS.

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The Calligraphy and Lettering Arts Society exists to promote the study, practice and teaching of western calligraphy in all its forms and to generate awareness and appreciation among the widest public. The Society is a charity registered with the Charity Commission No.1046526 and is therefore a properly constituted, non-profit organisation. It belongs to its members each of whom have equal voting rights.


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