CLAS live online

CLAS live online courses have been developed as a way for you to access online classes designed and delivered by a CLAS accredited tutor. 

The first tranche is designed to help you submit work for the Certificate of Calligraphy which is the first rung on the Ladder of Progress with CLAS, but would also be suitable for beginners looking to learn or improve the script itself and you don’t need to be a member of CLAS to take part. To begin with these are being offered in 2 scripts – Formal Italic and Foundational Hand. Each course is 2 x 2 hour zoom classes, held 2 weeks apart.



What is the Certificate of Calligraphy & why should you enter? 

The Certificate is an opportunity to have your work assessed, so allowing you to see what level your work is at. There is no pass or fail, just a mark indicating your achievement and helpful suggestions on ways you could improve. You also get a certificate to proudly hang on your wall. It’s a great non-stressful way of really getting to grips with a script – and you only have to enter 3 sheets of writing!

For more information on the Certificate itself and why you might think about entering it, click here  

Online CLAS(ses)

The courses we’re currently offering are for either Foundational Hand or Formal Italic and there will be a limited number of places per class to ensure that you get the best possible tutor experience.


A Guide to the Certificate of Calligraphy : Foundational Hand

A Guide to the Certificate of Calligraphy : Formal Italic

2 x 2 hour zoom classes:  session 1, then a 2 week gap before session 2.



Session 1: Outline and letterforms

  • Short outline of what to expect throughout the 2 classes.
  • An introduction to the hand of choice.
  • A run through of how to write the alphabet, letter by letter.
  • You will not be expected to write along with the tutor, as you can view the recording after the class as many times as you like for 3 weeks
  • Explanation of the closed Facebook group and its use.
  • Short outline of the following session and suggested homework you could be doing.


Session 2: Developing skills for Certificate submission

  • General feedback from session 1 (not critiquing homework – more tips and pointers given the groups’ experiences).
  • Outline on spacing, gaining a good rhythm
  • Suitable margins and common mistakes, FAQ


The courses are designed to cover all aspects for entering the Certificate, and to answer any questions you might have (though our handy video answers a lot of those).

Once you have completed the course, if you wish to enter the Certificate, you would need to complete the entry for the Certificate independently of the course.

Deadline for entering the certificates is April 30th and November 30th. For more information on the Certificate and how to enter click here:

If you decided that you wanted to learn more from your tutor, a private arrangement can be made for tuition on a 1-2-1 basis at a set fee. Your tutor will outline all the details and how that would work during your course, but that is both optional and additional to the online course, so up to you – it does give you access to world class tutors for a given fee though, so it’s worth a thought if you enjoy the course and would like to really push your calligraphy forward.

Users Guide to the Certificate of Calligraphy

Beginners Guides

Explanation of x-height

How to fit a nib and reservoir