Management Committee

Chairman Michela Antonello
Treasurer Charm Brown
Membership Secretary Meg Chapman
Regional Liaison Officer Barbara Alldred
CASB Chairman Josie Brown (from March 2021)
AGM Co-ordinator Rosella Garavaglia
Social Media Officer
Jane John, Sofie Baker
Festival Director Lou Goolnik
Festival Administrator Clare Ruck
Sales Officer Bob Alldred
Webmaster Anne Marie Delaney
Archivist Alison Allan 
Secretary (Minutes & Stationery) Gail Mitchell
Editor, the Edge Helen Scholes
Liaison Officer Gwyneth Hibbett

CASB ( CLAS Academic Standards Board) Committee

Chairman & Representative Josie Brown (March 2021)
Diploma Chief Assessor Mary Noble
Accredited Tutors Officer Josie Brown
Diploma Administration Officer Tony Woodhams
Certificate of Calligraphy Officer Angela Banks
Fellowship Application Officer Julia Baxter
Certificate of Skills (CoS) courses & Diploma Preparation courses Administrator Ann Mason
External Assessor & Moderator Gaynor Goffe
Tutors & Talkers Booklet Officer Ann Mason
Copperplate SIG

Joy Daniels

Alejandra Gonaldi (new queries) 

Online Learning Initiative (OLI) Development Josie Brown
LiveOnline courses Alejandra Gonaldi 
CLAS Chairman (ex-officio) Michela Antonello

Editorial Board

Designer, the Edge Helen Scholes
Commissioning Editor, the Edge  Janet Smith
CLASnews Jan Sambell
Designer Attilio Medda
Webmaster Anne Marie Delaney
In-House Style Advisor
Rosella Garavaglia
Social Media Officer Jane John, Sofie Baker


Online Learning Initiative – Research Team

Josie Brown Charm Brown
David Simons Anne Marie Delaney


image courtesy of  Simon Daniel