calligraphy beginners guides

Calligraphy is incredibly enjoyable, but it can also be frustrating when you can’t get a nib working or don’t know how to fit a reservoir.

There are many aspect of calligraphy that can be difficult to master if you’re just beginning or looking to improve your skills. Here are some video guides to talk you through some of the trickier aspects and give you some top tips that have been found through years of practice!

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Explanation of x-height

How to fit a nib and reservoir

How to set up a workstation

How to set up an angled board

How to clean and care for nibs

How to use a flat board to write against

How to rule up your paper

Troubleshooting ink flow

Guide to using double pencils

Comparison of broad edge nibs

How to make a micropore reservoir

Tips for left handers