accredited and approved tutors   

accredited tutors 

These tutors have shown that they have reached a good standard of technical calligraphy ability, that they hold a recognised teaching qualification, and that they have worked through an in-depth study of how to plan, develop, deliver and evaluate a programme of work over 8-10 consecutive two-hour lessons or an equivalent series of linked workshops with the same students.

Their names are listed on the CLAS website and appear in the interactive map. Their details are included in the tutors & talkers section. Their weekend or longer courses can be included in CLASnews listings. Students are assured of quality when taught by CLAS Accredited Tutors.

approved tutors 

Generally have a good or sufficient standard of calligraphy, but have not had their teaching ability recognised or assessed. These include:

  • CLAS Fellows
  • Holders of the National Diploma in Calligraphy at Advanced level
  • Holders of the National Diploma in Calligraphy at Intermediate level
  • Tutors who have had their calligraphy, outline of lessons for a year, and handouts assessed

image courtesy of Denis Brown 

clas tutors

  • Michela Antonello
  • Sunita Auger
  • Cherrell Avery
  • Liz Barrow
  • Brenda Berner
  • Jacquie Brachi
  • Josie Brown
  • Joy Daniels
  • Teresa Das
  • Dr Ian Garrett
  • Dee Howley Gibbs
  • Sylvie Gokulsing
  • Marlene Gray
  • Gwyneth Hibbett
  • Lin Kerr
  • Nancy Ouchida-Howells
  • Mark L’Argent
  • Celia Lister
  • Viva Lloyd
  • Ruby Lunn
  • Vivien Lunniss
  • Ann Mason
  • Marion McKenzie
  • Janet Mehigan
  • Mary Noble
  • Jan Pickett
  • Christine Robinson
  • Helen Scholes
  • Kathy Sedar
  • David Simons
  • Cathy Stables
  • Tina Warren
  • Dorothy Wilkinson
  • Val Yost