Volunteering for CLAS

CLAS is an educational charity and relies heavily on the time and expertise of volunteers to keep the show running! We are very grateful to all those who have stepped forward and offered their help, and we look forward to introducing them to our membership on 6th March at our AGM. 

The list below illustrates how crucial every volunteer and member of the committee is to the overall functioning and day-to-day running of the Society. Without them the following would have  to be cancelled or closed down because of the strict cancellation clauses included in the commercial contracts we have with venues and services:

  • AGM and ATL
  • Festival
  • Regional Day
  • Publication of the Edge
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • National Diploma applications
  • Certificate of Calligraphy applications
  • On Line Learning Initiative
  • Website and domain names
  • Social Media
  • Sales
  • Direct debits
  • Bank accounts

In the past two and a half years your CLAS team has worked very hard to bring the Society into the 21st century: We have a very active social media following, a rich Edge magazine, exciting tutors lined up for next year’s Festival, a great AGM Day 2021 ready to go, the National Diploma being rewritten, new online courses being prepared and more exciting projects in the pipeline. Overall, a lot of hard work has gone in over the past 26 years to make CLAS the internationally acclaimed association it is today.

We are all very busy people, we all have families, jobs, personal interests, our own stories, our own problems. However, if we want CLAS to continue to move with the times and be relevant, if we want to continue enjoying an exciting and inspirational magazine the Edge, then we all need to do our bit. If it’s the thought of lengthy meetings that is holding you back, then not to worry: virtually all our committee meetings are now conveniently held online via Zoom, so no need for time-consuming and expensive travel to and from London. And even if we now have filled almost all positions, we still want to hear from you. You might be willing to help out in two or three years’ time, and your skills and expertise will be very much appreciated by the management team and the membership.

You don’t have to be a Fellow nor a particularly proficient calligrapher. All you need is good organisational skills, the ability to listen and be proactive. Previous committee experience (not necessarily in CLAS) would greatly help, but we have now assembled a fantastic CLAS Team of over 30 people who have offered each other incredible support over the past three years of transition and growth. It has truly been a case of helping each other out in the name of one common goal – our love for calligraphy and lettering. Be part of this Team!

Michela Antonello

outgoing Chairman