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Current Regional Groups and contact details 

Becoming a CLAS Regional Affiliated Group brings several benefits 

  • Public Liability Insurance (PLI) for UK local groups (Type A fee only) at an attractive premium
  • Free inclusion in CLASnews for your major activities
  • Preferential allocation of table-space at CLAS Regional Events  

Members of a CLAS Affiliated Group who are not fully paid up individual members of CLAS do not have voting rights at CLAS Annual or Extraordinary General Meetings. They may attend such meetings as guests of a fully paid up individual member but may not take part in the business of the meetings. An Affiliated Group may appoint a Group committee member to attend such meetings, to take part in the business of the meeting and to exercise one vote on behalf of the Group. 

Regional Affiliated Group fee – 1 October to 30 September (renewals due in October)

  • Type A is affiliation of *£40 plus public liability insurance of **£57.91 for £5 million cover. 
  • Type B is affiliation of *£40 only.

    * reduced to £30 if 50% or more of your members belong to CLAS

** this fee is calculated annually

There is a reduction in the affiliation fee for groups joining part way through the year (from April to September).

Why your Group should have PLI

Public Liability Insurance will protect a group, including its officers, from the possibility of responsibility for damages in the event of a personal injury to someone attending a group event. The policies typically “indemnify the insured against legal liability to pay compensation and claimants costs and expenses in respect of

a)  accidental injury to any person

b)  loss of or damage to material property.”

The PLI cover operates in the UK at any venue that the group uses. The “material property” referred to above is not that which belongs to the group but, for example, that of the meeting place e.g. furniture and fittings. Many halls now include a clause in their hiring Terms and Conditions stating that the hirer must have their own Public Liability Insurance. The hall’s own insurance does not provide cover for the hirers. To cover the group’s property, a separate policy would be required, with a high minimum premium. However, items used at meetings are often members’ property and may be covered by the owner’s all risks policy.

CLAS has Public Liability Insurance which provides cover at all CLAS events in the UK. CLAS has arranged £5M cover for UK Regional Affiliated Groups for an annual premium per group which is considerably less than an individual group could obtain. To take advantage of this your group needs to affiliate to CLAS. So don’t delay and join the local UK groups currently affiliated to CLAS with PLI cover.



image courtesy of David Treagust 

regional affiliated group application

If you are interested in becoming a regional affiliated group, please email with the following information:

  • the name of your Local UK Group
  • the name, position, email address & address of the contact for affiliation matters
  • the type of cover your group requires (Type A includes PLI, Type B does not)
  • groups applying for Type A affiliation will be sent the insurance company’s proposal form for completion and return.