regional affiliated groups  

Society Contact Name Contact Email Address
Blackmore Vale Scribes Eileen Dearden 
Calderdale Calligraphers Dorte Haarhaus
Cinque Ports Scribes Steve Eades
Cuan Scribes Jacquie Brachi
Eden Valley Scribes Susan McGahan
Exeter Letterers Simon Gray
Glasgow Scribes Membership Coordinator
Gloucestershire Lettering Arts Sue Hodgkinson
Hampshire Calligraphers Angela Banks
Hemel Hemstead Scribes Sally Taylor
Leicestershire Calligraphers Lorraine Baines-Ball
Lingfield Scribes Sue Cox
Marches Scribes (The) Kris Betterton
Mendip Calligraphy Group Lucy Empson
Mercian Scribes Cherry Burston
Noble Calligraphers Mary Noble
North Downs Calligraphers  Kathy Rogers
North West Calligraphers Association Sarah Morgan
North Yorkshire Calligraphers Susan Marks
Northumbrian Scribes Mike Mavromichaelis
Nottingham Calligraphers Kate Hall
Peannairi Irish Scribes Brendan King
Peterborough Scribes Margaret Yeoman
Plymouth Calligraphers Cathie Maddock
Pontefract Calligraphers Joanne Browning
Shropshire Scribes Peter Furniss
South London Lettering Association Sue Shocket
South Wales Scribes Alison Allan
Sussex Scribes Cathy Stables
The Cabin Crew Sue Goldstone
Wessex Scribes Janet Hargrave
West Country Scribes Bee Ottway
West Lothian Scribes Lyn Hughes
Wyke Scribe Helen Barley
York Scribes Helen Barley



image courtesy of Cherrell Avery